Crawl Space Encapsulation


  • Mold, dust mites, insects, fungus and spores
  • Musty odors and mildew 
  • Rooting wood, beams, buckling floors
  • Concrete rot, termite damage
  • Rust, peeling paint
  • Condensation on windows and doors



  • Mold removal
  • Structural damage repair
  • Concrete block piers
  • Vapor barriers
  • Encapsulation systems



  • Lower energy costs vs dehumidifiers
  • Reduce risk of costly repairs and redecorating
  • Reduce risk and cost of health issues (ie asthma, allergies, respiratory problems)
  • Reduce risk of costly mold work
  • Increase chances of selling home
  • Reduces the levels of Radon (second leading cause of lung cancer)


Crawl spaces are known to be poorly ventilated areas.  


The moisture seeps in through the soil, humidity, leaking water supply or plumbing lines, and generated from normal household activities.  If left untreated, humidity and moisture will damage the flooring structure of your home, and lead to mold issues inside and under your home.


Dehumidifiers do not ventilate or circulate the air.  This system is 90% less expensive to run than just 1 dehumidifier.  This system comes with a 10 year warranty on all parts.  Considering the short life span of most dehumidifiers, homeowners will need to replace the dehumidifiers 2 to 3 times within the same 10 year warranty period of their crawl space unit.